a cockapoo rescue dog

Cockapoo Rescue Care

Like any cherished and much loved member of your family, your Cockapoo needs lots of care and attention to keep them fit and healthy - it's not just a matter of feeding twice a day. Unfortunately dogs can't tell us when they are feeling under the weather - it's up to you to notice any physical or behavioural changes and act upon them accordingly.

It's a big responsibility taking care of a dog - you will be solely responsible for its health and well-being. Before adopting a Cockapoo rescue please ensure that you understand some of the care procedures and the daily needs of caring for a dog.

You may need to train your dog too -some rescue dogs will already be house trained but you must be prepared to tweak the training as every dog is different. A well trained dog is easier to manage and care for. You must be prepared start training as soon as you get the dog home, it isn't something that can be put off until tomorrow. If you've never trained a dog then there are lots of dog training books and resources on the internet. There may well be a dog training school near to you, which will offer various courses to suit your needs - they're also a great place to meet other dog owners.

Like any dog, your Cockapoo rescue will require regular grooming. This 'grooming time' is also a good time to give you dogs eyes, ears and teeth a good inspection. These regular inspections are very important, as they will enable you to spot problems before they develop into serious medical conditions. Grooming kits are available from most pet shops and stores.

It's important that your dog receives regular veterinary care. Your Cockapoo rescue will have been looked at by a vet while in the rescue center and will have been given treatment that was required - but it doesn't stop there! If you're concerned about the cost of regular vet visits then it's worth looking at some of the pet insurance packages that are out there. They will help spread the cost of the vets bills over the year.

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